Saturday, February 25, 2012

I have not given up...

It has been a crazy week in my corner of the world. On Wednesday the 15th (after going to the gym and biking 18.1 miles) I saw an ad on craigslist for a company looking for an accounting assistant asap. I quickly showered (wanted to make a good impression) and went over. Turns out it was a staffing agency that put the ad out but I filled out an application anyways. Later that afternoon I got a phone call from AES (the staffing place) and they wanted to set up an interview for the next day!
Thursday morning I biked 1o miles and ran 4 miles (told you I am not giving up, just a terrible blogger). I went to my interview at 2 and got a call the very next morning offering me the job!!!!
Friday was a crazy day... went to the gym and ran 3 miles biked 6... then left for portland that afternoon. We had a wonderful weekend but.... i forgot my pedometer. I've tried calculating the exact miles but we walked around Woodburn outlets, downtown portland, and ikea. My guestimate for the weekend is about 8 miles for the 3 days... not a good average.
I was not able to make it to the gym Tues - Thurs because I was recovering from being sick. I did however go to the gym yesterday (Friday) and bike 10 miles.
**For those of you who were running, walking or biking during those 3 days please leave me a comment of your miles. I am going to add them to my total at 50%.**

About the job:
I am now working full time for a company called Computrol located here in Meridian (a whole 6 minute drive from home). They manufacture electronic components. I am an assistant to the controller of the company doing whatever accounting work she needs done. I like the people I work with and feel appreciated there.

Days 8-17: 49.1 miles
Total miles traveled: 119.88
Miles to travel: 719.12

Now off to the gym I go....

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  1. GO PREETHI!!! I think I have finally made it to Redlands Blvd.... :) So proud of u!!!