Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We are getting married!! Old news for most but news none the less. Here is my story... It was a "normal" saturday. I went over to Nelsons' house (he was still sleeping, of course). We went and washed our cars, cleaned up poop in the backyard, vacuumed, mowed the lawn etc. After we had finished all of our chores Nelson told me that he had an errand to run so I went shopping (bought 2 pairs of shoes!) When I got home Nelson told me to close my eyes and walked me out the the patio.... And there in the lawn was the most beautiful bike I had ever seen! We have been saying that we wanted to ride bikes this summer and I said that all I wanted on my bike was a bell and a basket. and i got just that(with flowers in my basket too)! Then Nelson got down on his knee and asked me to marry him!!!! And I said YES!!!! He then told me to look in my basket at there was the most beautiful watch! We are really happy and look forward to a 
life together. 

My bike with the roses and watch!

The soon-to-be Mrs. Pfister (wow that feels strange to type)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Nelson's twenty-somthing birthday!

For Nelson's birthday I threw him an 1980's themed party. Since I wasn't alive for much of the 80's Nelson had to help me out quite a bit. We went to the Goodwill and got some great stuff. Nelson created an 80's mix of music and we danced the night away. 

Anyone need two male models? 

* Eric bought the white hightops even though they were a size or two too small.
* Nelson still wears his shoes!

Erin and Max

Super hot couple! 

Cute little professing girl Callie and Nelson

Amanda, Erin and Misha

Thanks everyone who came and made our party so much fun. The streamers stayed up for just over a month because Nelson thought it made the house look festive. And his birthday balloon is still up!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little winter fun!

Here are some pictures from January. We got about six inches of snow one day and I thought that I could get it all shoveled before Nelson got home from work. So I went to Freddy's and all they had was a youth shovel. I figured that since I am not very tall that it would work just fine. Well after about an hour and a half or so I had the front walkway and about a foot on the driveway! Who knew that shoveling snow was so hard?! Anyways, Nelson came home and helped me. We ended up using an old suitcase that mom and dad had given me to bring back my Christmas loot!

I loved writing in the sand at the beach and now I get to write in the snow!

BONUS: The waves don't come by and ruin it!

With our snow shoveling tools! 

My trusty little shovel and my arsenal of snow balls!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Family Pictures 2008

The couple
The girls

The "old" couple- looking as cute as ever
I couldn't ask for better looking parents
The de Alwis family!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My first post!

I know it is march and these are Christmas pictures but I say better late than never. Nelson and I went down to CA to spend Christmas with my family. Here is just a little of the fun that we had.  Hopefully more of recent events are coming!!

I gave Shanthi and Ianthi famous Idaho potatoes for stocking stuffers.

My wonderful parents on Christmas morning.

I gave dad the laptop he bought me when I graduated high school!

Nelly very pleased with his toys!

Just a corner of the wrapping paper mess. It gets quite messy when you have 25 people opening presents!

Nelson painted me this super cool bag for Christmas. It is the Sri Lankan flag and my name on top.

Nelson pleased with his Buffalo bills shirt, courtesy of Shanthi.