Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Days 19-21

Day 19 (Feb 25th): I am still recovering from being sick. I think I may have pushed myself too far yesterday. So I only walked 2.5 miles.

Day 20 (Feb 26th): After gospel meeting Nelson and I went over to the Cody and Rachel Waldo's for dinner and games. Rachel made this delicious mushroom and chicken pasta dish(click here for the recipe). Rachel and Bink helped me with a 1.5 miles. Bringing the day's grand total to 3.25.

Day 21 (Feb 27th): Nelson's car is in the shop so he dropped me off at work and I rode my bike home! It was an absolutely wonderful late afternoon ride. The sun was shining and it was only slightly breezy. I love working only 2.1 miles from home. In the evening I went to the hardest spin class I have had so far. We bike 23 miles!! I was sweating so much that it was dripping off my nose!! Petey the pedometer says "5.13" miles of walking today. That is a grand total of 30.23 miles for one day!! I think I am now caught up from last week without taking miles from anyone.

Total miles for days 19-21: 35.98
Total miles traveled:155.86
Miles remaining: 683.14

Still averaging 7 miles a day!!


  1. You rock Preethers!!!!! You inspire everyone around you!!

  2. don't you have a sweatband like the one you gave me?? helps with the drips! remember to bring petie the pedi to hawaii! you'll be using it lots! see ya in a week and a half! xoxo