Friday, April 6, 2012

I'm Baaaaack

March was... shall we say an off month. I lost Petey, my pedometer. Then bought Petey II and lost him. They day before leaving for Hawaii Nelson found both of them!! Since I didn't have actual distances for a couple weeks I had to estimate. Being the accountant that I am I think I have estimated on the low end but these are the numbers I am sticking with.

Total miles in March: 177
Total miles traveled: 332.86
Miles remaining: 506.14

Since March was such a slow month I decided I MUST get back on the saddle and move it or else I will get stranded in the desert. So April 1st I took the dogs for a nice walk and ended the day with 3.2 whole miles!
Monday and Tuesday I really stepped it up. Went to spin class both days for combined total of 34 miles biked and 4 miles walked. Wednesday and Thursday I didn't do much but walked a total of 7.5 miles.
Today, Friday, I went to spin class and biked a horrible 16.5 miles of hills. I sure hope I can walk straight tomorrow.

1st week of April, so far, totals: 65.2
Total miles traveled: 398.06
Miles remaining: 440.94