Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Days 5, 6 & 7 + some valentines blabber

I didn't want to bore anyone with my travels over the weekend so... with a new week I have some renewed energy. Thanks everyone for the comments and encouragement. This is a little tougher than I expected... actually I didn't know what to expect.

Saturday Nelson and I biked to our favorite breakfast spot (if you are ever in Meridian, Id must stop into Sunrise Cafe) a whole 1.9 miles!

Since I was ahead of schedule on my distance I slacked off (oops). For the whole weekend my trusty pedometer (still need a name for him) said I clocked 4.2 miles. That is below average for one day! Let alone 2 full days.

Monday I went to spin class and biked 17 miles! So I think that helps make up for some of my weekend.

If you have read this far you either love me a lot or have nothing to do :) hope it's because you love me.

Thanks again for all your love!

Days 5, 6 & 7 miles total: 23.1
Total miles traveled: 70.78
Miles left to travel: 768.22

I am right on the end of the map. I don't think I will be able to show the whole map next time. Maybe Nelson can help me out with that part.

All for now... need to think of something to do for Nelson for valentines! I won't bore you with our valentines morning but.... maybe I will... I woke up to some beautiful violin music. I jumped out of bed and there in my dining room was my handsome husband playing for me :) He made a beautiful breakfast, mimosas and a nice cup of hot coffee. I feel like such a lucky girl to have a man like him in my life.

On the day I married my best friend :)


  1. i'm following you because i love you!! and your husband seems to be a hopeless romantic! xoxo
    (couldn't come over this week as i had too many appointments and a few snowstorms are scheduled)

  2. I too am following along becuz I love you. Please call be anytime you want to walk, bike, hike, run etc. together. I'm really wanting to hike Table Rock one day. Never have been up there. Lindsey RUNS up so I'm not even close to her fitness level. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Me! Me! I love you too! :) Good work, sis. I'm glad my brother nabbed you, and also that he got his violin out. Tell him I've had his 3/4 size out 3 times in one week. I can almost play Twinkle Twinkle, so he'd better watch out...I'm catching up! See you this coming weekend!!!

  4. Awesome work! I'm feeling more motivated just reading about all these efforts.

  5. Petey Pedometer. Congratulations on all your hard work--fitness and career!